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Trader Biasa


Ardy aka Trader Biasa

Think like a professional trader, trade with a professional trader, become one.
Ordinary trader who knows extraordinary things about Forex.

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ICONS-check90% accurate signals for EURUSD (based on quarter of the year statistics)

ICONS-checkUpdated monetary policy from central banks ECB and the Fed

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ICONS-checkHow to make one single shoot with SniperFX strategy

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Ardy started Forex trading in 2009, when he was 21. Precisely when the market crashed. The interest to learn more on how the global economic system works was the main reason. Ardy focused on the analysis of macroeconomic fundamentals that affect the Forex market, especially the Euro currency and Gold commodity.
In 2011 he managed to get a spectacular profit for himself when trading gold. And that was the moment he started to earn as the full time trader.
There were ups and downs, the main one happened in 2013-2014 when he had lost a lot of the invested funds. Ardy did not give up and realized that he could change it all by choosing another trading strategy. And in 2015 he managed to reach 1 billion IDR at the age of 27.

Many traders do not understand fundamental analysis. Most traders only use technical analysis. so they contact Ardy to add their combat tools when trading Forex.

Sandiaga Uno, Warren Buffeet, George Soros, they also use fundamental analysis as the basis for analyzing the market.
Ardy has hosted online forex classes since 2016, the enthusiasm of traders in Indonesia to learn Forex is very high. Ardy makes sure that all the important educational information is explained in simple language so that it is easily understood by all groups. Ardy has a Forex trading community in Southeast Asia with approximately 1200 members not only from Indonesia but also from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia.
Apart from being a trader he is an entrepreneur, book writer (published 2 books) and is a manager in the Forex broker. Forex is his passion.

You can also find his youtube channel called "Trader Biasa".